ComedyCazi PRESENTS: Resolution Impossible

It's okay, January is practically a cheat month. I mean, how is anyone supposed to not gain weight on Martin Luther King Day? And I'm so young! who needs to "eat less" in their late...twenties? Oh god, I'm going to die one day.

Everything will be alright though, because this January 24th at Comicazi, ComedyCazi knows the bitter taste of defeat is an acquired one! Comics and comedy will collide in three more original comedies and action-packed improv, tailor made for your inner child with a grown up sense of humor. Change your New Year's resolution to something easy, and pledge to catch us at Comicazi for $8.00 online or $10.00 cash at the door!

Starring: Jonathan "Flexxo" Lang, Gideon Bautista, Kyle Coston, T.J. Williams, Tim O'Brien, Alex Lang

With sound design by Emily Ledger


Tickets are $8.00 online and $10.00 day of the show!

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Recommended for mature audiences.