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This March 29th at Comicazi...

Space. It's where babies come from. Billions upon billions of years ago all our molecules were forged into a star, birthed in the heart of a nursery cloud lightyears from home. And so it was for eons, the estranged children of creation have stared upwards from the arms of their Mother Earth, searching for their cold, distant father.

Stellar date March 29, 2Billion14. Man searches the stars for answers to questions that have gone unresolved for too long. Are we alone? Why are here? Is anything out there, and do they serve breakfast all day? One of these days humanity will come a-knock knock knocking on Heaven's door with a subpoena and a paternity test, but first they have to find the damn thing.

And that's where we come in. If we have to search every cloud for a planet, every planet for a drink, and every drink for the guts to talk to that green alien woman that's been staring at me across the room all evening. Or at least I think it's a woman. And I think she's been staring at me. I guess it depends if those are eyes, or...

I'll have to call you back.

Signing off,

Franklin J. Monk, Captain
E.S.S. Beautiful Majesty
B.A. 20th Century Studies


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Recommended for mature audiences.