ComedyCazi presents: Cops and Supers

In a city of super-heroes, normal humans are represented by two separate but equally unimportant groups: The police, who have nothing to offer in the fight against super-villains, and the prisons who fail to contain them. These are their stories. Catch the loose cannon comedy that doesn't play by the rules Saturday, April 25th at Comicazi in Davis Square. Tickets are $10.00 cash at the door. $8.00 online in advance. Crime doesn't pay, and neither does comedy.

Starring: Gideon Bautista, Jonathan Lang, Kyle Coston, T.J. Williams, Caitlin Donnelly, Tim O'Brien, Alex Lang

With sound design by Emily Ledger


Tickets are $8.00 online and $10.00 day of the show!

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Recommended for mature audiences.