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This August 30th at Comicazi...

ComedyCazi Annual No. 2: Past, Present, and Future

ComedyCazi celebrates its second birthday this August 30th at Comicazi in our biggest and baddest show yet! A journey through Universe City's past, present, and future await, featuring an all new Dork Ages, the season finale of Stellar Journeys, plus something brand spanking new! Just ten dollars (eight if you're smart) gets you that ComedyCazi braincandy you all know and love, a treat for old fans and new fans alike!

This April 26th at ,  settles the score in three all new original comedies, as well as the action-packed improv you all know and love. Perhaps we lack the skills or experience to be real heroes, like teachers, and firefighters, and soldiers. But we know the true face of villainy when we see it, and yes, we do wear capes.

Starring Earth's Mightiest Players:
Gideon Bautista
Jonathan Lang
Shana Jackson
Kyle Coston
Alexander Lang

With sound design by Emily Ledger


Tickets are $8.00 online and $10.00 day of the show!

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Recommended for mature audiences.