ComedyCazi presents: Young at Heart, Old at Blood Pressure

This May 23rd at Comicazi, Comic books and comedy collide once again! ComedyCazi presents three more original comedies and action packed improv, tailor made for your inner child with a grown up sense of humor. This month, ComedyCazi blasts off at the speed of light on an adventure to become the worlds greatest animal master! What could go wrong! Then journey into the dystopian future where grown ups have messed up society for real this time, and humanity's only hope are mopey teens who have it all figured out. Just $8.00 online gets you all the ComedyCazi action you all know and love!

Starring: Jonathan Lang, Caitlin Donnelly, Kyle Coston, T.J. Williams, Tim O'Brien, Alex Lang

With sound design by Emily Ledger


Tickets are $8.00 online and $10.00 day of the show!

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Recommended for mature audiences.